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Seamless Integration:Hong Kong DIRL Pass Connects Blockchain Adventures with Real-Life Rewards

Hong Kong DIRL (Digital In Real Life) Pass is a collaborative initiative aimed at reintroducing blockchain to the public and businesses through an accessible and gamified approach. It seamlessly integrates real-life commerce into digital spaces, allowing users to redeem rewards from top brands like Uber,, and local supermarkets with just a digital pass.

The goal of the Hong Kong DIRL Pass is to bridge the gap between physical reality, the Metaverse, and blockchain games by offering users an innovative way to engage with blockchain technology. Users can find different rewards while exploring The Sandbox or Yuliverse and redeem them in real-life stores. Through partnerships with leading Web3 communities and game companies, the Hong Kong DIRL Pass aims to bring new market energy into the Web3 world through real-life experiences. By integrating blockchain technology into everyday transactions, this initiative seeks to revolutionize consumer experiences and drive digital transformation for local merchants in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong DIRL Pass leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide users with a seamless and rewarding experience. Built on Polygon and Conflux, and supported by OKX Web3 Wallet and JoyID Passkey Wallet, the pass allows users to claim NFTs for free. With over 15 brands participating, including Uber,, PARKnSHOP, and Pacific Coffee, users can enjoy discounts and special offers both online and offline.

Two key components of the Hong Kong DIRL Pass are The Sandbox and Yuliverse. The Sandbox, a leading figure in the metaverse landscape, offers users a virtual platform to explore and interact with brands like never before. Meanwhile, Yuliverse leads users on a real-world adventure through the streets of Hong Kong, where they can discover brand rewards and discounts at participating merchants.

Through the Hong Kong DIRL Pass, users can experience the future of blockchain firsthand. By integrating real-life commerce into digital spaces, this initiative opens up new opportunities for users and businesses alike. Whether it's exploring The Sandbox's virtual worlds or navigating through Yuliverse's real-world map, users can unlock exclusive rewards and discounts with just a few clicks.

As Hong Kong undergoes a new round of digital transformation, the Hong Kong DIRL Pass is leading the way by integrating blockchain technology into everyday transactions. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with physical merchant systems, the pass offers users a unique and rewarding experience that transcends traditional loyalty programs. Join us on this journey as we unlock the full potential of blockchain and revolutionize consumer experiences in Hong Kong and beyond. Project Website:

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