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Build onDomin Network

Develop your own solutions connecting Web3 and IRL with open-source technology.


Proof of Real World Usage

Standard ✔

ERC6672: fully compatible upgrade from ERC721vIRL NFT: upgrade from AtomicAssets

Data carrier compatible with current standards

Protocol ✔

Data Processing and Authorization Framework


input & output oracle for web2 & web3

Network ✔

Nodes identified by NFTs managing information flow. 
Fast, efficient and secure for commerce.

POS/dPOS running on existing L1s/L2s

Connect dApps with Apps & Turn Apps into dApps

Real Life Connected NFT


ERC6672 is designed for seamless adoption by any dApp, recording in-real-life data by interacted with NFT Redeem Protocol. This standard enables consumers to access the status of physical goods linked to NFTs using on-chain data, providing transparency and trust in the authenticity and condition of assets.

Own Redemption Plugin


NFT Redeem Protocol can be integrated into dApps and Apps as a payment-like plugin, facilitating the processing of NFT redemptions within existing services. dApps are able to present physical goods from Apps for NFT redeeming, whereas Apps are able to accept NFT redemption to deliver the physical goods to NFT holders.

Decentralized Data Network


By integrating the NFT Redeem Protocol, dApps and Apps become Operator Nodes for the Domin Network, collecting users' in-real-life data. Consumer data is then broadcasted to the blockchain by Authorizer nodes, enabling dApps/Apps to extend their applications with more data insights.


Start Your Journey in Domin Network


Upgrade Solutions

to become an Operator Node



Redemption method
Redemption result

Domin Network’s NFT Redeem Protocol provides modular functions for dApps and Apps to integrate with, enabling digital assets to be connected with IRL assets, services, and behaviors. Get started building your new services and collecting consumer data in various scenarios to gain $DOMIN rewards.

Redemption request
Redemption data
Campaign creation





Validation data
Validation result



Download and Deploy

to become an Authorizer Node

Domin Network broadcasts consumer data to the blockchain through smart contracts, integrating this process into an easy-to-use plugin. Simply download and deploy to provide data broadcast services to Operator Nodes and gain $DOMIN rewards.




Collect Consumer Data


Collect Consumer Data



Broadcast data

{Smart Contract}


You’ll achieve

  Cross-Platform    ✔ Cross-Terminal     Support-Multi Chain     Support-Multi Device

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