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Igniting Engagement and Fostering Community: GIGABYTE's Triumph at PAX East

Recognizing the significance of community growth, engagement, and conversion, GIGABYTE embarked on a mission to captivate and engage new users through groundbreaking methods at PAX East, a highly celebrated expo of gaming and gaming culture. GIGABYTE aims to spark enthusiasm and interest in their products while fostering a strong and loyal community by pushing boundaries of innovation and engagement experience.

GIGABYTE joined to unveil the game-changing AORUS Smart Vend at PAX East. AORUS, a premium gaming brand stemming from GIGABYTE, had recently launched the AORUS Falcon Warriors Club (AFWC), the core backbone of the next-generation AORUS digital community.

This revolutionary solution aimed to enhance the traditional raffle ticket system previously employed by GIGABYTE at conferences. Instead of relying on conventional tickets, attendees were invited to join AORUS's AFWC Discord Server by scanning a QR code. As a reward for their engagement, each participant received an exclusive AFWC Genesis Invites NFT airdrop to their wallet through RE:DREAMER. These NFTs could be instantly redeemed at the AORUS Smart Vend for a wide range of exciting gifts.

Integrating AORUS NFTs and event participation created a seamless and thrilling experience for attendees. By eliminating the need to return to GIGABYTE's booth for raffle results, participants could promptly utilize their NFTs at the AORUS Smart Vend, fostering a heightened sense of convenience and anticipation. This visionary initiative perfectly aligned with GIGABYTE's vision for the AFWC as the foundation of their next-generation digital ecosystem.

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